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From Medicine to Aesthetics

PhormaBeauty, the brand of Winform Group entirely dedicated to the field of aesthetics, is born from our experience in the medical field. We provide for the most demanding Customers medical-derived equipment and phytocompounds specifically designed to achieve the best results on face and body treatments.

Immediate results

against body and face imperfections

Periocular wrinkles (crow’s feet): 4 treatments

Silhouette: 8 treatments

Flaccidity: 6 treatments

Face, neck and decollété treatments

Solve all kinds of body imperfections



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eClettica: the Aesthetic without equals

The experience and know-how in the field of beauty fully stand out in eClettica, our elite solution that concentrate all kinds of non-invasive technology in the field of aesthetics in a single equipment for immediate, long-lasting and safe results.