Beauty technologies and phytocompounds – Non invasive solutions

From Medicine to Beauty

PhormaBeauty is the brand completely dedicated to the Beauty world. From our 30-years know-how of Winform, we created devices and phytocompounds derived from the medical field, in order to offer the best performances and services to beauty professionals.

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Our range of technologies is approachable from every type of beauty professionals at whatever professional level, from the entry-level to the top-of-the-range.

We also offer to our Customers that demand quick and effective results a range of technologies for every type of need: Tecar, Shockwave, multi-wavelenght Laser.

Lastly, eClettica, our multi-functional and high-level device capable of offering results at 360° against body imperfections. With 6 interchangeable handpieces, it allows to perform treatments such as SIN (Shockwave, Ultrasound and Tecar), multi-wavelenght Laser, Lypolisis and Tecar all combined with Cryotherapy.

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Beauty Phytocompounds of high titration

Our plant-based phytocompounds of the highest quality are firm teammates of our devices.
Discover our complete range!

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Formazione gratuita

Il know-how e l’esperienza acquisiti dal reparto di Ricerca & Sviluppo negli scorsi 30 anni è messa a disposizione gratuitamente ai nostri clienti, direttamente dai nostri esperti di prodotto e Academy formativa.

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