More than 500 active ingredients of plant origin

30 years of phytotherapeutic solutions

Since the birth of our company 30 years ago, we have immediately embraced 2 philosophies: non-invasiveness and the use of phytocompounds. FarmaJALUX is the result of studies in the field of high titration phytocompounds, specifically conceived to accompany the use of technology in the healing process of the person. The most important feature of these products is their high titration, from 5% to 25% concentration depending on the product. They are applied in different medical branches: physiotherapy, physiatry, orthopedics, sports medicine, gynecology, aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

What is the titration?

Each medicinal plant has a chemical composition rich in substances (active medicinal properties) that form the definition of phytocompound, which are responsible for the health properties of the plant itself. To know the quality of a phytocompound it is necessary to know the Titration, that is the concentration of active ingredient, obtained through the technological procedures and parameters established by the international literature of pharmacopoeias.

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