Winform Medical Engineering is the beating heart of Winform Group. For 30 years it has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing strictly non-invasive medical devices for rehabilitative and aesthetic medicine.


wellness specialists

since 1993

The know-how gained in 30 years of activity in close contact with doctors, biologists and engineers has allowed to realize innovative non-invasive technologies and unique of their kind, also obtaining several patents at European level.

The technology,
our DNA

3 decades of investments in Research & Development have allowed us to perfect the best non-invasive technologies such as Laser, Shock Waves, Ultrasound and Tecar developed entirely by us. We use the best materials, inside our factory in San Donà di Piave (near Venice): the results are cutting-edge technologies available to the most demanding professionals to obtain the most excellent result and for the greatest benefit of the people.


It is a non-invasive endogenous therapy that, through the application of an electromagnetic field at medium frequency, allows the biostimulation of the tissues triggering reparative, anti-inflammatory, and antalgic processes for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. This type of therapy is most effective when applied together with the "SIVSEA/SCE" System (a system conceived and developed by us) that enable the devices to read body tissue changes and monitor energy dosage.

Shock waves

It is a non-invasive therapy that through the transfer of acoustic waves to the body tissues, stimulates biological reactions that produce important anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and painkillers effects. The use of latest generation devices allows the operator to apply this kind of therapy without any pain to the person.


It is a non-invasive therapy based on the interaction between laser light and biological tissues. It stimulates the cellular processes to obtain an immediate antalgic and anti-inflammatory effect, to solve musculoskeletal pathologies. The effects are particularly significant when multi-wavelength technologies are used.

Transdermal delivery

The transdermal delivery, also known as “needle-free infiltration”, allows the transfer of active ingredients contained in FarmaJALUX gels to the body tissues, by means of physical principles such as current, sound and light. The transfer is extremely effective when transdermal delivery is promoted through the simultaneous use of different physical principles (as occurs with Shockwave Dual Power and TecarSIN200). This combination of different physical principles got us the European Patent number "EP3320951".

Ultrasound Therapy

It is a therapy that uses high frequency sound waves (not audible by the human ear) to biostimulate the treated tissues. This therapy is employed within the therapeutic protocols aimed at the treatment of bone consolidation after fractures, muscle contractures, inflammation, and edema.

Our Mission

The mission of Winform Group is to improve the psycho-physical well-being of the person. Thanks to the technologies, the professional can achieve the highest level of performance, through painless and easy to use tools and methods, to support the person in the healing process in a shorter time than the competition. Starting from the study of a specific pathology, we offer innovative and effective therapies, strictly non-invasive, to improve the quality of life of the person.

"N-FI" (Needle-Free Infiltration) METHODS: (Needle-Free Infiltration): REGISTERED QUALITY 

Decades of joint work and gratification for the wonderful results obtained together with our customers, have allowed us to perfect a series of working methods that we have registered and made available to the professionals. Winform Medical Engineering "Methods" (called by their acronym "N-FI", that is Needle-Free Infiltration), propose to the customer a very successful approach to daily work. These Methods are made available by us and the scientific committee of Winform Academy, which supervises the working protocols and ensures the best outcome.